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Commercial housekeeping Accessories like Conveyor, Packing Machine Foot presses and Steam Generators from Renzacci, Hoffman, Ghidini.


Smart and eye pleasing Dishwasher range from Miele.


Premium quality professional steamers from Propess.


Smart and Compact regular, Rotary, Rolling and  vacuum Ironers from Miele,  Renzacci.

Dry Cleaning Machines

Heavy Duty regular and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine from Renzacci.

Washing Machine

Heavy duty top load and front load washing machine from Huesbch, Miele, Speed Queen.

Washer and Dryers

High Capacity, user friendly Tumble, Homestyle and Commercial Dryers from Huebsch, Miele, Speed queen.

Washer Extractors

Industrial grade, Softmount, Barrier and Hardmount washer extractors from Huebsch, Speed queen. 

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