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About Al-Rashed Group


The name Al-Rashed is synonymous with the industrial growth of Kuwait and has significantly contributed to the introduction of world class technology across a range of business sectors.

The importance of having a strong and capable Kuwaiti partner is key to being able to successfully enter the Kuwait market. Al-Rashed is proud to have represented many world class companies in Kuwait over four decades, helping them to pre-qualify in prominent Oil sector companies and Ministries as well as establishing a strong presence in the domestic market.   

Strategic divisions include: Major Oil & Gas Projects: Utilities Projects: Power Transmission & Distribution; Equipment Supply; and Building Materials as well as a number of smaller specialist divisions. (Please select the relevant page from the web site to find out more about each of these divisions and their area of activity.)

Reflecting the complex business opportunities that exist, Al-Rashed Holdings will establish “partnerships” with international companies which best reflect the business model, market opportunity and optimal operational structure. These include:

  • Agency Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Consortium Partnerships on a project by project basis
  • Locally incorporated Joint Venture companies
  • Licensed technology transfer

Al-Rashed Holdings through its subsidiary companies provides a wide range of services including:

Sales & Marketing

  • Prequalification assistance with all state owned companies and Ministries.
  • Introductions to customers, including key decision makers
  • Provide market intelligence on the competitive environment and potential customers
  • Assistance in the development of strategy and defining the product requirements of served market customers
  • Keeping the Principal informed of the Govt., commercial and industrial activities and plans which do or could affect the sale of products to served market customers.
  • Where appropriate employing sales engineers to develop product/market opportunities
  • Obtaining product approvals from the relevant government Ministries
  • If required establish after sales service and follow up capability


  • Transmit requests for quotations or orders for the Products.
  • Arrange shipping, importation and clearance of goods into Kuwait.


  • Arrange business and commercial visas for Kuwait visits
  • Assistance in establishing local offices and relocation of personnel
  • Handling all government related administration tasks

Because of Al-Rashed’s outstanding reputation many international companies seeking to expand their business into Kuwait are introduced to Al-Rashed through the Commercial departments of their Embassy in Kuwait. If you are interested in marketing your company in Kuwait we would be happy to discuss the potential opportunity and even if your area of business does not fit within the Al-Rashed profile we would be happy to advise you of more suitable local partners

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